The Ultimate Form Presents a Villain in Destiny 2 Who Truly Makes an Impact

The Final Shape expansion for Destiny has been a surprising change for me. Previous expansions lacked cohesive storytelling and failed to engage me as a casual player. Lightfall, in particular, was a disjointed experience with uninteresting missions and a lack of narrative coherence. It was only in the final cutscene that the game’s direction became clear, leaving me feeling disconnected and disinterested.

However, The Final Shape has remedied many of these issues, offering a more compelling and cohesive narrative. The expansion immerses players in a new, intriguing dimension where reality is distorted, and a formidable villain, The Witness, watches our every move. The return of the charismatic Hunter, Cayde-6, who was thought to have perished in a previous expansion, adds an unexpected twist to the story. The expansion’s structure, resembling the final act of an action movie, creates a compelling sense of urgency and purpose.

The gameplay is now more engaging, with a focus on repeating missions, exploring zones, and leveling up gear to prepare for a looming battle between Light and Darkness. It has reignited my excitement for the game, and I find myself eager to see how the story unfolds in the upcoming chapters of the expansion. Overall, The Final Shape has revitalized my interest in Destiny, and I am looking forward to experiencing the new content it has to offer.

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