Star Wars Outlaws: The Best Wild West Game Since Red Dead Redemption 2

The cowboy genre seems to be a perfect fit for video games, with its sharpshooting, moral code, and adventure-seeking characters. However, there is a notable lack of such games in the world. Red Dead and a few recent indie games have explored this theme, but there hasn’t been anything substantial in the genre for a while.

Despite not being a true cowboy game due to its setting in outer space, “Outlaws” still manages to capture the feeling of a cowboy game. The character of Han Solo, with his cowboy-like attire, blaster, and rugged nature, embodies the essence of a cowboy. Even in the Star Wars universe, there are elements that evoke the Wild West, from characters like Kay Vess to the daring escapades and perilous situations.

The game “Outlaws” promises a focus on smaller parts of the Star Wars universe, depicting ne’er-do-wells surviving against all odds and the moral ambiguity of its characters. It exudes a Wild West vibe, allowing players to experience a run-and-gun style of gameplay with cowboy inspirations. Yearning for a true return to the Wild West in a video game, the author expresses a desire for developers to create such an experience.

Despite this, the Star Wars game from Ubisoft offers an alternative, featuring both grand space battles and a deep story, which serves as a satisfying alternative for the time being.

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