Venture Has Only Been Out For A Day And I Already Love Them

The latest addition to the Overwatch sequel has made waves in the gaming community. The character, Venture, brings non-binary representation and a lighthearted personality to the game. Previously, Venture was locked behind the battle pass, but now, they are available to all players. In the game, the player finds confidence and safety in playing tank or support roles, such as Mercy, Lucio, Zarya, or D.Va.

While these heroes have stayed relatively unchanged since their release, they offer an approachable move set. The decision to make Venture available to all players has had a positive impact on the Overwatch 2 community. This has also resulted in a shift in focus for the game, with a new season themed entirely around Venture. With their unique abilities and playstyle, Venture has brought excitement back to the game for many players.

Venture’s gameplay mechanics include a giant drill capable of digging beneath the ground and surprising foes. Their abilities and ultimate move make them a lethal offensive hero, while also adding an element of strategy and risk in using their invasive skills. With Venture, the game introduces team sizes reduced to five and emphasizes faster, action-oriented matches. The addition of Venture has reinvigorated the Overwatch community and brought back a sense of excitement to the game.

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