Stellar Eve Removes Unintentional Slur, Not Censorship.

South Korean studio Shift Up has come under fire for a controversial graffiti in their PlayStation exclusive game, Stellar Blade. The graffiti in question is a combination of the word “hard” and a neon “R,” which unintentionally creates the phrase “hard R,” a euphemism for a racial slur referring to Black people in the West.

However, Shift Up has stated that this was unintended and the graphic has already been replaced with the word “crime” in a Day 1 patch. The controversy has sparked debates about censorship and political leanings of the studio.

Some have claimed that Sony forced the removal of the controversial graffiti, but there is no evidence to support this. Shift Up has clarified that they did not intend to include offensive content and are simply rectifying a mistake that could be offensive to players.

While some have accused the studio of censorship and betrayal of its principles, it is important to understand that Shift Up has never claimed to have any political agenda. The game’s CEO has expressed a desire for the main female character to be visually appealing, but there is no indication of any political leanings in their statements and interviews.

It is crucial to distinguish between the game’s content and the perceived political stance of the studio. Despite marketing tactics that may have fanned the controversy, it does not necessarily reflect the political inclinations of the developers.

The focus should be on the nature of the game and the decisions made regarding its content. Stellar Blade, originally revealed as Project Eve, is an action-driven game where the protagonist battles alien invaders.

Shift Up has emphasized that the intention behind the game is not to make political statements, but rather to create an engaging gaming experience. In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Stellar Blade’s graffiti should be viewed in the context of unintended mistakes and the studio’s effort to rectify them.

It is important not to conflate game content with the political beliefs of the developers and to appreciate the game for its intended action-driven experience.

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