The World’s Secrets Held by Deceased Non-Playable Characters in Stellar Blade

The game often lacks emotion, but off-screen deaths are filled with deep tragedy. Throughout the game, Eve spends her time exploring abandoned and dangerous areas, where she encounters squid monsters and dead bodies. These bodies often carry upgrades or information, serving to build an extremely dark world. Some soldiers leave behind passwords, offering help for those who come after, while others document the destruction they witness.

However, the most heartbreaking scenes lack this detachment and show the human side, such as a man who died unable to swim and others leaving behind poetry or messages for their loved ones. The game only sporadically captures the humanity at its core, as most characters oscillate between casual chatter and complex plot elements. Despite not featuring typical violent scenes, the game portrays a quiet, inevitable violence in a world unprepared to defend itself against unknown dangers. These off-screen deaths showcase the vulnerability of a world struggling to survive.

The game centers around Eve as she fights alien invaders to reclaim Earth for humanity.

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