Tekken 8 Receives “Mostly Negative” Reviews on Steam

The controversy surrounding the game has continued to escalate in recent weeks. Despite the initial excitement, many players have expressed disappointment and betrayal, particularly due to the addition of an unannounced paid “battle pass” to a $110 game. Some reviewers have pointed out the delayed introduction of in-game purchases, suggesting it was done to avoid negative press at the game’s launch.

As a result, there has been a call from the community for players to leave negative reviews to make their voices heard and lower the overall rating of the game. Some players are actively encouraging others to leave negative reviews in an attempt to shift the overall game rating from ‘mostly positive’ to ‘mostly negative.’ They believe that this will send a clear message to the game developers.

The outcry is not limited to the Steam platform, as players on PlayStation are also being urged to join the effort to bring down the game’s rating. As the backlash continues, some fans have even gone as far as to consider boycotting the game. Despite the controversy, the game still maintains a strong player base, with a 24-hour peak of over 11,000 players.

The game introduces new characters and a ‘Heat’ mechanic, which has managed to keep its appeal despite the ongoing criticism.

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