The Corne 42 MX: A Review of the Strangest Keyboard I’ve Ever Used

The Corne 42 MX keyboard is an unusual and unique product that offers an ergonomic design and customizable functionality. The keyboard is split into two halves, allowing users to position them according to their natural hand placement.

This ergonomic feature, combined with adjustable risers for better hand positioning, contributes to improved comfort and reduced strain on the wrists. The keyboard utilizes Cherry MX Reds mechanical switches, which provide a tactile feedback without being overly loud.

With only 42 keys, the Corne 42 MX may appear barebones at first glance. However, its hotkeyed layers allow users to access a wide range of functions and macros by holding a button to swap to a configured array of keybinds.

This functionality makes the keyboard suitable for gaming, as it enables users to set up multiple layers of keys for various gaming purposes. The Corne 42 MX offers a DIY feel, with extensive customization options such as color and keycap selection.

It also features 3D-printed components and a handmade aesthetic, contributing to its unique appeal. While the keyboard has certain drawbacks, such as a lengthy cable for the wired model and initial setup challenges for the wireless version, its potential for customization and functionality outweighs these limitations.

Overall, the Corne 42 MX is a keyboard that requires dedicated effort to fully utilize its capabilities. However, for individuals willing to invest the time, it has the potential to be a game-changing tool with a wide range of applications.

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