The Current State of Pokemon Go in 2024

Pokemon Go has significantly evolved since its inception. Initially, it was a pay-to-progress game where players could advance faster by making in-game purchases. However, with the introduction of Gyms, Raids, and various additional features, the game has become more focused on monetization.

This has led to a perception among players that the game now heavily emphasizes spending money to access its full content. Niantic’s decision to raise the prices of Remote Raid Passes has caused division within local communities, making it more challenging for players to participate in Raids. While some view this as a money-driven move, others believe it was an attempt to encourage outdoor exploration, which has always been a core aspect of the game.

In its current state, Pokemon Go regularly introduces new Pokemon and features through events and Raids, which often come with monetary requirements. This has led to the game being perceived as a subscription-based service where players are encouraged to spend money for various in-game benefits. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult for free-to-play players to fully engage with its content without spending money.

Even major events like Go Tour: Sinnoh come with potential costs, making it challenging for players who prefer not to make in-game purchases to continue enjoying the game. In conclusion, the evolution of Pokemon Go has led to heightened monetization and a shift towards requiring monetary engagement to access its full range of features, creating barriers for free-to-play players.

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