Tráiler de Death Stranding 2 muestra una escritura sorprendentemente mala

The trailer for Death Stranding is criticized for being too long and not effectively representing the game. Death Stranding has divided opinions, with some loving it and others finding it a waste of time.

Even within TheGamer, there are conflicting views on the game. Some find it meaningful, while others find it impossible to play.

Despite attempting to give the game a fair chance, the speaker found it difficult to connect with the story and cutscenes. The speaker acknowledges the appealing aspects of the game, such as its boldness and unconventional concepts, but ultimately cannot get past the messy execution and heavy exposition that detracts from the experience.

The trailer for Death Stranding 2 is criticized for its excessive exposition and lack of subtlety in storytelling, which makes the dialogue and characters feel unconvincing. The speaker expresses disappointment and skepticism about the sequel, feeling that it will likely follow the same path as its predecessor.

The trailer fails to change the speaker’s negative perception of the game.

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