Silent Hill: El corto mensaje es mitad horror mediocre, mitad contundente anuncio de servicio público

The free horror game Silent Hill: The Short Message focuses on its message about suicide prevention, but falls short on delivering effective scares. The game includes numerous links to real-world resources and a content warning about distressing themes like suicide, self-harm, abuse, trauma, and bullying. It aims to raise awareness about these issues and provide support through crisis lifelines.

The game follows Anita, a high school girl searching for her friend Maya in a decrepit abandoned building. It addresses the impact of phones and social media on teenagers, with Anita being envious of Maya’s online presence. The game uses FMV to depict Maya, blurring the lines between reality and carefully constructed images on social media.

While the game effectively explores important themes, its presentation of the causes of suicide and how to prevent it feels similar to an after school special, but with violent depictions of attempted suicide. Additionally, the game includes chase scenes that are frustrating and poorly executed, detracting from the overall experience. Despite its intermittent atmospheric moments and commendable goal of raising awareness about suicide prevention, Silent Hill: The Short Message is more commendable as a lesson rather than a horror game.

Its shortcomings in gameplay make it challenging to fully appreciate its message.

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