Wonder Woman Is Misused in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The Justice League game features five of the classic seven heroes, with Aquaman and Martian Manhunter notably absent. In the game, players only fight four of the Justice League members, as Wonder Woman manages to evade Brainiac’s control. Despite this, the game does not fully capitalize on having Wonder Woman on the side of the players, as her role is not well developed.

Unlike the other heroes whose flaws are highlighted by Brainiac, Wonder Woman’s role lacks depth and meaningful development. The game also falls short in its treatment of her death, as the reaction of the characters feels undeserved. Furthermore, the bios provided in the game further underscore Wonder Woman’s apparent sidelining and lack of significant moments, despite her status as a favorite character.

The text also reflects on how the game seems to overlook the potential of Wonder Woman’s character, given her stature and legacy. The writer suggests that she deserves better treatment in a game that is centered around such an edgy concept.

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