Why I Won’t Replay Baldur’s Gate 3

Playing Baldur’s Gate 3 again poses challenges due to its massive size. The first playthrough took over 100 hours, and the prospect of starting it anew only arises if there is a gap in the gaming calendar.

One concern is the temptation of achieving a perfect playthrough. The first time around, decisions were made on the fly, resulting in missed quests and undiscovered outcomes.

Going back means balancing prior knowledge with the desire for new discovery, potentially reducing the joy of the experience. Approaching the game with a strictly planned agenda could detract from the spontaneity and surprise it offers.

While replaying with the same choices is an option, the time commitment and lack of variety may dampen the enthusiasm for a new playthrough. Additionally, the game’s length and the possibility of missing out on new experiences are hurdles to revisiting the game.

An expansion could reignite interest, but there are no plans for one at the moment. Although a sequel or expansion from another studio could revitalize interest in the future, the current landscape makes replaying Baldur’s Gate 3 a daunting prospect.

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