Microsoft Briefly Listed James Bond’s Entire Movie Collection for $5

The 25-movie James Bond Collection, which is usually $255, was briefly available for $4.99 in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The heavy discount was almost certainly a mistake and has since been rectified.

The collection is now available for $129.99, almost half its usual price, for the next week. The availability of the collection at such a low price is likely due to an accidental listing, possibly triggered by an error in applying the discount.

It’s not uncommon for retail sites to have such glitches, leading to prices being revealed earlier than intended or listed at heavily reduced rates. The $4.99 price was an incredible bargain, but it’s unclear if anyone managed to purchase the collection at that price.

However, the collection is still on sale through the Microsoft Store for $129.99, which is a significant discount from its regular price. This deal will be available for the next six days.

The James Bond Collection includes digital copies of all 25 James Bond films, up until 2021’s No Time To Die, in HD or SD. It represents a great opportunity to own every single James Bond film at a much lower price than usual.

It’s worth noting that retail errors like this one have occurred in the past and may happen again in the future. Therefore, even if such a deal is discovered, there is no guarantee that the store will honor it.

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